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Film Genre: Drama Comedy Science Fiction Fantasy
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2002
Director: Andrew Niccol
Operator: Edward Lakme
Actors: Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, Benjamin Salisbury, Winona Ryder, Darnell Williams, Jim Rash, Ron Perkins, Jay Mohr, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Pierce, Jason Schwartzman, Elias Koteas
IMDB: 6.1

Directed by Viktor Taransky going through hard times. Whimsical Actress Nicole refuses to finish the game in his new film, shooting for which the hero has laid all of his possessions. Finish the job is not possible, and Victor despair. He almost lost hope for the future, when he meets a terminally ill genius programmer Hank. He bequeaths director deal last years of his life - a computer program is the first perfect virtual simulator. With its help Taranski creates a virtual actress Simone finishes and releases the film with her participation. Their appearance and actor Simon data affects the public, which, of course, intrigued by its total secrecy. Here you can download S1m0ne Full Free HD Movie.

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