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Film Genre: Animated Adventure Family
Country of Origin: Belgium
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Ben Stassen

Turtles and Sammy Ray, familiar to all of the first animated film to enjoy a quiet life near the ocean and look after the kids Ricky and Ella. Everything changes when the couple gets into the hands of poachers who turtles need to speak in a spectacular maritime show. However, there is no such cell from which Sammy and Ray could not escape, especially if it helps seahorse Big Dee's favorite "grandchildren" Ricky and Ella, and even the company of new friends! With help of this site you can download Sammys avonturen 2 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Continued child cartoon about the adventures of sea turtles in the category "for the little ones." New large underwater journey at a snail's pace. In the original movie called "Escape From Paradise" and, as usual, the name is much more in line with the content (the previous picture was called "Around the World in fifty years" - apparently, distributors believe that Russian is too difficult). Sammy the sea turtle, in the previous film has made over fifty years of travel around the world, is betrayed by the ocean deserved rest in the company of his friend Ray. At friends recently appeared grandchildren Ella and Ricky, for whom need be watched. But the trouble happened not with small and old - poachers caught turtles, grandparents and taken into slavery in the United Arab Emirates. Here they were put in a giant aquarium and are going to make to take part in a marine show. But Ella and Ricky, in front of which the kidnapped grandparents are not going to put up with his loss and go in search of dear relatives. In this full of dangers and adventures of the way they will meet with a variety of marine life and gain invaluable experience of friendship and struggle for freedom. The main conclusion - in gorgeous underwater paradise will never be able to replace the sea of ​​free spaces. If the first cartoon "wiggle flippers" had cognitive-ecological bias, the extension is purely entertaining anime computer with bright acid colors and glazolomnym 3D. Numerous bug-eyed characters much joking, shouting, screaming, dancing and singing. Bug themselves, however, quite nice. Despite the dramatic plot and Belgian origin, the picture is quite standard American-style cartoon for children of preschool age, who should do something fun and simple. Anyway, those who like "Finding Nemo" and "Shark Tale" will not be disappointed. Although the work of the Belgian cartoonists, perhaps made more subtly.

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