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Film Genre: Thriller
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Til Schweiger
Screenwriter: Til Schweiger, Stephen Butchard, Paul Maurice
Operator: Adrian Kranadzh
Actors: Til Schweiger Luna Schweiger, Carolina Schuch, David Akinloye, Volker Albers, Numan Acar, Gaudet Benedicks, Moritz Bleibtreu, Rainer Bock, Jutta Merle Börnsen, Vanessa Buechler
IMDB: 8.6

Action-packed thriller about an ex-soldier, now running the defense witnesses. Young girl Nina, an orphan suddenly becomes a witness to a murder committed by a rich businessman. Now it is a big problem in the way of a businessman - the girl nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. But her salvation becomes an ex-soldier Max, which will now be her guardian angel. Here you can download Schutzengel Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

German fighter with the Afghan track and pacifist idea led, in which Til Schweiger took himself and his daughter Moon. A pair of youngsters frolic in a luxurious room at the posh Berlin, who served on the unpleasant coincidence, the arms dealer - quite legal, but no less negative. As a result, the young man was shot, and the girl - two good hours of screen time with gunfights and bustle on the witness protection program. And so long she was able to run just because defend it fell Til Schweiger tireless representing the people of Germany Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Jason Steytema rolled into one. In the first half of the film action significantly dominates. Prolonged scenes of brutal firing just follow every 5-7 minutes, shots revoked dramatic echo and chips, plaster and blood splatter are flying in slow motion. The Germans, however, the nation is very thoughtful. So action soon gives way filosofistike almost Chekhovian spirit - about happiness, about the war, about morality. And sounds like a refrain - in Brighton, Brighton, Brighton! However, instead of the sound of a broken string - fired again, but too bad it turns out. Til Schweiger in the form of former Afghan invincible as he laid on the scenario and the life, touching takes care of his 15-year-old daughter Luna Schweiger, who plays a heap of trouble difficult orphan Nina. Nina screams loudly, realistic fears and asks adult uncles and aunts slightly infantile for her non-children's physique, but at the same time serious and disarming questions. Hordes of enemies fall down piles and iron drops Til avaricious man's tears. And in general, we can not say that this sentimental cross between "Rambo" with "The Bodyguard" was completely pointless. World - a world Genosse!

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