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The silence of space is about to be shattered.

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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Action Adventure Horror Science Fiction
Budget: $ 20 million
Country of Origin: USA, Canada, Japan
Year of Release: 1995
Director: Christian Duguay
Screenwriter: Philip K. Dick, Dan O'Bannon, Miguel Tejada-Flores
Operator: Rodney Gibbons
Somposer: Norman Corbeil
IMDB: 6.4

In 2078 the planet Sirius 6B, was almost destroyed by nuclear war, but there were those who survived the crash. In addition to the terrible living conditions of survivors threaten strange mechanical beings in the arsenal are razor-sharp knives, they crumble everything in its path. For an eerie, causing the hair stand on end, the sound that they make in the murder, they were called ranters. Futuristic sci-fi thriller "Screamers" is an adaptation of Philip K. Dick short story "The second model." With PsiMovie.Com you can download Screamers Free Full Movie in HD.

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