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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Comedy
Budget: $ 50 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2004
Director: Peter Chelsom
Screenwriter: Masayuki Suo, Audrey Wells
Actors: Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Lisa Ann Walter, Stanley Tucci, Anita Gillette, Bobby Cannavale, Omar Benson Miller, Tamara Hope, Stark Sands
IMDB: 6.0

The film tells the story of a prosperous lawyer named John Clark, whose dull and measured life at one point turned upside down, had only hot Latin dancer flicker before the eyes of John in one of the buildings of the modern metropolis. Soon dancing become a real passion Clark and a new passion he devotes all his spare time. That's just on this subject says wife of John, when it becomes aware of a new hobby spouse? "Let's Dance" - an English-language remake of the Japanese film of the same name, at the time grossed a record at the time $ 10 million. Dollars. Here you can download Shall We Dance Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

John Clark (Gere), a diligent employee of the notary's office, a middle-aged professional with good wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, living a happy peaceful life. However, from a measured his happiness emanates such boredom that milk kisnet. It has been ten years in the life of Clark happens nothing, unless, of course, not counting event dinner warming in the microwave. Once, returning by train from downtown Chicago in the cozy suburb, Clark notices in the window of a beautiful stranger squat (Lopez), longingly gazing into chilly night. After watching a mysterious box, John finds out that not squat squat and Dance School Miss Mitzi, and the girl, respectively, one of instruktorsh. After a week of reflection Clark decides to go polustanochke and vporhnut into the world of the waltz, cha-cha-cha, flounces and varnish shoes. American gironenavistniki have called this touching tale (by the way, a remake of the Japanese hit eight years ago), a surrogate for "Chicago". But to accuse the film Chelsoma in the secondary can only person completely lost irony and common sense and therefore unable to distinguish between a reproduction of a friendly cartoon. The rest will have to admit that the lawyer Clark dances where incendiary lawyer Flynn, and Jennifer Lopez miracle as well as tantsorshi Pauline women are not very eloquent, but a subtle sense of heart. The only thing you can reproach remake - it lost in translation. Masayuki Suo Original differed little bit of obscenity: ballroom dancing in Japan have traditionally been considered questionable entertainment, from the category "Leisure. Expensive. " So when congenial transcription story about a middle-aged clerk waltzes would have to be transformed into something obscene like "Belle de Jour" Buñuel. But it would've been a very different movie.

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