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Film Genre: Action
Budget: $ 8,000,000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Maxim Korostyshevsky
Screenwriter: Alexandra Koskas, Joe Kelbley, Robert Crombie
Operator: Maria Solovyov
Somposer: Joseph LoDuca
Actors: Christian Slater, Ving Reymz, Sean Bean, James Cromwell, Dominic Monaghan, Oksana Korostyshevskaya, Colm Meaney, Charlie Bewley, Freddy Rodriguez, Gennadi Vengerov, Ryan Donohue
IMDB: 4.3

Several millionaires - Russian aluminum magnate, creator of the series of popular video games, the banker on Wall Street, one of the inventors of mobile communication and international arms dealer - chasing adrenaline. They pay money to go on a real war and feel what it is. But at that moment, when the company moneybags gets on an isolated island, and their guards are killed, exciting game becomes harsh reality. Here you can download Soldiers of Fortune 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Striking small-town merchant scale thrash Action with several American movie stars of the second echelon. The film that big money does not help either win this war or remove this movie. Saving his scout, was captured by the Taliban, Captain Craig McKenzie (Slater) tore suspicious transactions CIA agent Mason (Mini), failed to comply with the order of command and was eventually dismissed in disgrace from the army. Three years later came to him Cecilia (Korostyshevskaya) - an agent of the company, which suits exotic games for millirderov. Craig asked to lead a detachment of the rich, who used to entertain going to take part in this military operation. The company selected solid - Hereditary finasist Wall Street Vanderbir (Bewley), video game developer Xing (Monaghan), Russian aluminum magnate Dimidov (Bean), African arms dealer Grimaud (Reymz) and the aging founder of cellular company Hausmann (Cromwell). They are sent to the island in the Black Sea, which after the collapse of the USSR challenged Ukraine and Romania. While governments bicker, seized power on the island cruel Colonel Lupo (Vengerov) and his daughter-sadist. Lupo stands for military adviser, CIA agent Mason, who has long dreamed to get even with Mackenzie. During the landing boat with bodyguards billionaires covered bomb and now their wards forced to fight without protection. Along the way, it turns out that the whole thing was organized for Cecilia raise money for his brother-rebel who led the fight against the indigenous Lupo and Mason. Despite the fact that the budget allowed Maxim Korostyshevskaya involve a large number of expensive imaging equipment, military equipment, weapons and even a helicopter, not to mention a whole ensemble of relatively well-known Hollywood actors to implement promising idea of ​​extreme entertainment on the present war did not succeed. Strained to sound ridiculous to most of the dialogue, embroidered with white thread naive script converted into a kind of picture of the new Russian "patriotic" blockbuster like "Mirror Wars" and even perfect actor of American professionals not save the situation. Mostly, however, the film is a fairly entertaining trash-action movie, and landscapes of the Crimea removed majestic and beautiful.

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