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Film Genre: Action Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
Budget: $ 209 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2006
Director: Bryan Singer
Screenwriter: Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, Bryan Singer
Operator: Newton Thomas Sigel
Somposer: John OTTM
Actors: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Parker Posey, Frank Langella, Sam Huntington, Eva Marie Saint, Marlon Brando, Kal Penn
IMDB: 6.1

Since the events of the second part of the past 5 years. Superman returns to Earth on the ship kryptonite to his foster mother. His archenemy Lex Luthor in the meantime continues to commit crimes, and old love - journalist Lois Lane - already engaged to the editor's nephew and even has got him a son. She wrote an article entitled "Why the world does not need Superman". Hero realized that during his absence, bad world do without him. "Superman Returns" - a continuation of the first two parts of the original series. Directed by Bryan Singer is pretended that the third and fourth parts of the infallibility of the American hero does not exist. Found a mistake? Let us know and we will eliminate this defect. Report an error "Superman Returns" watch online Watch movie online for 49 rubles This series is not yet available for viewing online series has not yet reached See also 8166 movies 1112 series and 107 TV shows available for free and paid viewing. Trailer and Stills from the film "Superman Returns" Stills from the film "Superman Returns" 13 See the movie on TV Similar to offer similar movies 49 rubles. 7.39 X2 X2 49 rubles. 6.39 Superman Superman 7.07 Man of Steel Man of Steel 49 rubles. 7.39 X-Men X-Men Movies with the same actors 49 rubles. 8.15 Twenty-one 21 49 rubles. 6.81 Sending The Box 4.14 Vampire Chronicles Dylan Dog: Dead of Night 49 rubles. 5.00 Straw Dogs Straw Dogs 49 rubles. 7.36 Robot Robot and Frank Frank 69 rubles. 7.03 Monaco Princess Grace of Monaco Write a review Reviews and ratings for the film version of 1 reviews Ksenia Gavrilova December 5, 2011 The man in tights all and sundry, have a good laugh over the "Superman Returns", especially focusing on an plane and one-sided character of the hero. The bad guys - definitely negative, the same good guys - so perfect that it becomes disgusting. I will not deny, in the characters do not really lurks halftone some zatsepochki. But do not forget - not a great novel into a movie and comic. Dialogues should be short, emotions on their faces - easily interpretable. Superman (Brandon Ruth) was absent for five years - he flew to visit what was left of his home planet Krypton. Upon his return as he waited for a few surprises. The main villain Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is not only released from prison, but also became the heir to fair condition. Lovely woman Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is not enough that won the Pulitzer Prize for her article "Why the world does not need Superman", but found the groom (James Marsden) and even gave birth to a son. This is one of the main intrigue of the new film: the audience wondering, who is the father of the boy. Returning hero is a companion very secular. For some reason, always thought that kind of force save the world unnoticed, until recently remained in the shadows. But our Superman are not. Returning to the post to protect the borders of the earth, it is in the first day falls on all the world's major channels, and almost to say hello to the lens cameras. In civilian life, he remains the same slob Clark Kent, worked in the newspaper. But when the time comes, he can not just in seconds to don the blue tights and lightning varnished curl on his forehead. Transfigured hero looks so celluloid, as if it is completely drawn on the computer. But while his big blue eyes languishing can not sleep deprive one little girl. The more that force our fellow left - burning plane on the fly stops, crosses the island in the vast expanses of the universe. In general, if you are looking for deeper meanings of life or philosophical dialogues, the "Superman Returns" is not for you. Treat it as an organic tale in which, though evil, and does not give up, still good to once again save the world. With help of this site you can download Superman Returns in HD free full Movie.

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