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How do you save humanity when the only thing that's real is you?

Download Surrogates 1080p movie

Film Genre: Thriller Action Science Fiction
Budget: $ 80 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Screenwriter: Michael Ferris, John D. Brancato, Robert Venditti
Operator: Oliver Wood
Somposer: Richard Marvin
Actors: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Ving Reymz, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjo, James Cromwell, Jack Nouzuorti, Devin Rattray, Michael Kudlits
IMDB: 6.3

In the yard in 2017, and the world was flooded with so-called surrogates - robotic androids who actually live the life of their owner (hello "Avatar") that transmits nerve impulses to all the thrills. Themselves as people do not leave their homes and lead the existence of vegetable in the garden, which looks fascinating film in 4D, entitled "This is my life." However, not everyone likes such things, and FBI agent Tom Greer still have to leave the comfort of your home to solve a crime committed against a surrogate and his "master". With PsiMovie.Com you can download Surrogates 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Better movie with Bruce Willis may be just a movie with Bruce Willis or a pair of movie where Willis is not to be, and he, contrary to the laws of nature, still there (see. "The Sixth Sense"). The phenomenon of this amazing man, masterfully owns two facial expressions - "hey, you hurt me" and "Hey, sorry about that right now" - deserves a separate study. But for the sake of brevity called simply - "Die Hard at Work" and appears in any tape, without exception, with the participation of Willis. In "Surrogates" he rose to the position of the solid FBI agent, but not zavazhnichal, and when it comes time begins to run, jump, shoot and fight not worse cop McClane. Especially since there is a reason. Humanity is hooked on a new fun - a surrogate life. Anyone can order your copy of improved and manage it without getting up from his chair. Surrogates are not ill and do not age, but, unfortunately, all the more likely to die a violent death: someone who does not like the dominance of robots, shoots "Surrey", while remotely killing and "operator", that is, the owner of a copy of the living. The investigation of this unpleasant business FBI agent Greer and deals. Or rather, not he, but his substitute, the young Willis times series "Detective Agency" Moonlight "- a charming forelock, clean-shaven and very polite at first. Copy, however, very quickly lead into disrepair quite living individuals, so Grier have no choice as to go out on their own. Here and there is a second Bruce Willis, slightly rumpled, unshaven and angry as hell. Including the second expression, quickly remembering the necessary skills for self-defense and about two minutes reading news online, Agent Greer dig to the root of the problem. And consistently put in place presumptuous surrogates, their creator, military-that-again-something-hide and stupid humanity has forgotten that apply in difficult times to be here for this simple guy, under whose harsh leather jacket - all the same native dirty shirt. The idea of ​​surrogates, in comparison with which the recent "Gamer" - just the same top realism - again by definition. And besides boring highly moral conclusion about the benefits of real communication and that the beloved companion of life should be a living, not a surrogate "bitch crash" nothing interesting yourself is not recommended. But for the sake of the next meeting with Willis, especially with two at once, and not endure that.

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