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Film Genre: Drama Comedy
Country of Origin: Spain, Canada, Japan
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Sarah Polley
Operator: Luc Montpellier
Actors: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby, Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Podemski, Diane D'Akila, Vanessa Coelho, Graham Abbey, Damien Atkins, Aaron Abrams
IMDB: 6.6

Lyric drama from director Sarah Polley. Margo six years married to Lou, the author of cookbooks. Both satisfied with their lives and are confident in their feelings. Once she accidentally meets on the plane with Daniel, who is her new neighbor in the area in the suburbs of Toronto. Between them there and then tied a strange relationship - whether friendship, or love. They begin to spend much time together, go for walks in the summer the city, long talk and swim in the pool at night. Finally Margo finally confused by his feelings and can not make a choice. The film "Likes / Dislikes» (Take This Waltz) is named for the eponymous song musician Leonard Cohen. Here you can download Take This Waltz Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Michelle Williams loves two men at once. A good cook, the second is able to speak beautifully. Unbanal movie Sarah Polley banal love triangle. Cozy chubby husband (Seth Rogen), a busy inventing recipes Chicken, restless body and soul wife (Williams), who dreams of writing career, and talkative candidate lovers (Luke Kirby), an artist. What could be more prosaic? However, even such a standard prose poetry turns here. Polly managed to find a very precise style, perhaps a little artsy places to catch the right tone, and as old as the history of the world has played the most bizarre colors. And random encounters, and the inevitable parting and goodbye on the background of the lighthouse, and joint water treatment, in general, anything that can be called by the word "romance" gets in the picture rebirth. For all that, get rid of the inevitable in such cases, melodrama and sublime syllable help: a) physiology; b) chicken. There are many sweat to wash, shave their legs hard and write to the pool. It is sobering and romantic time lowers the degree to quite acceptable. A piece of history associated with chickens in all their forms, from chickens and pheasants to hot as it may sound funny, offers a really great treasure associations from all spheres of life. Nevertheless, under any sauce or chicken Bring the taste will be recognizable. Just as in any scenario where two men and a registered prancing among them a woman, and will grow any problem of choice and doubt its correctness. The desire to change lives turn into running in a circle, a new loss of freshness and old suddenly surprise. And so again, and again, ad infinitum. Sarah Polley is very varied menu, but if you do not like chicken, in principle, it is unlikely you will like it.

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