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Film Genre: Comedy Fantasy
Budget: $ 50 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Screenwriter: Alec Sulkin, Seth MacFarlane
Operator: Michael Barrett
Somposer: Walter Murphy
Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Matt Walsh, Bill Smitrovich, Aedin Mincks, Jessica Barth
IMDB: 7.1

American comedy-drama, the most popular movie is rated R in 2012. Also, "Odd Man Out" - a feature-length directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane, who had worked primarily animation, and is the author of such works as "The Life of Larry" and "Family Guy." The plot of the film is that John is in love with the beautiful Lori, his excellent work and has big plans for the future. But their relationship interferes with the third, a longtime friend of John - Ted. He comes off day and night, prefers casual relationships and do not want to lose another. But nobody really knows what he can do, because Ted - big teddy bear. With help of this site you can download Ted in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

How would a romantic comedy with a talking bear starring Homeric funny and truly original. Once the most common American boy Johnny put forth an unusual desire. More than anything, he wanted his teddy bear became alive. It was Christmas Eve, and the desire, of course, came true. And now the 35-year-old John (Wahlberg) still can not part with the ever-stoned and swearing bear, despite persistent protests his girlfriend Lori (Kunis). Viewers even remotely familiar with the "Family Guy" and "American Dad" will immediately recognize that the "odd man out" can be called romkomom only with great reserve. Yes, genre rails on which even think to take a ride in his debut game Seth MacFarlane, formally impeccable to the last screw, only drives it on them is not romantic antique steam engine, and a tank with colorful dancing on the armor dwarfs. What will we McFarlane in a movie, simply nowhere else to see and therefore not to be missed. The five-minute fight plush toy with pitching Wahlberg, hike Bear in the restaurant shalavistosti blonde, which he, naturally, foot, and the funniest and memorable sex scene in recent years. Plus a bunch of small pleasures for connoisseurs (Mila Kunis in addition to that in the voice of "Family Guy" Meg Scarecrow in the film flashes Alex Bernstein - the same Lois Griffin) and just for all normal people. Unexpected and very self-deprecating cameo American pop stars and TV jokes about September 11 and endless greetings from the 80s, like the theme song from "Indiana Jones". This is what expected from a favorite author numerous adherents, because for cartoon hooked on the needle McFarlane soft instructive humor what some of "The Simpsons" - the beaches of Hurghada for the experienced walrus. Of course, the 50 millionth budget studio film director made a little lower a little valve and refrain from quite so radical experiments, but from the time of "The Hangover" nobody could pull off such a successful and truthful (adjusted for speaker bear) film that is something accepted laugh in the smoking room. And there is not even surprising that the "Odd Man Out" with its rated R for some time was the leader of film distribution in the United States. Surprising strange decision to release it from us in the midst of "The Dark Knight", which certainly pleased I would go myself Ted with his fool-blonde.

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