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Film Genre: Thriller Action Science Fiction
Budget: $ 102 million
Country of Origin: USA, France
Year of Release: 1991
Director: James Cameron
Screenwriter: James Cameron, William Wisher ml.
Operator: Adam Greenberg
Somposer: Brad Fiedel
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Earl Boen, Joe Morton, S. S. Epatha Merkerson, Kastulo Guerra, Danny Cooksey, Jenette Goldstein
IMDB: 8.5


It has been over ten years since the events of the first film - when the robot terminator tried to destroy Sarah Connor. Sarah had a son John, who in the future will be the protector of the people, lifting them to revolt against the out-of-control cars. Robot from the future comes Terminator T1000 created from molten metal and able to take on any guise. T1000 task to destroy John. Man to protect the people send the old model T800 - less than perfect, programmed by John. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Terminator 2: Judgment Day in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

T800 robot enters into an unequal battle with perfect and almost invincible robot T1000. In 1994, newly arrived from the future robot terminator. Now it is programmed by John Connor on it to protect it, but at the age of 12 years, from the perfect model invulnerable Terminator T1000 model. Since the early part of the action a little more than 10 years. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), trying to prevent the Apocalypse, and made an unsuccessful attempt to blow up the lab "Kiberdayn" is in a psychiatric hospital, the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who attempted in the first "Terminator" to kill her, and now good, but there are bad Terminator (Robert Patrick), who must kill the son of Sarah - John (Edward Furlong), the future leader of the rebels. John himself - the usual "difficult" teenager, who was brought up by foster parents, and he does not know what dangers would bring him the day will come. Director James Cameron turned the breadth of his imagination. And he was able to afford almost everything - the film's budget, compared to the previous, increased 16 times and amounted to 102 million dollars. Arnold Schwarzenegger has received for his role $ 12 million, and this despite the fact that the entire movie, he said, only some 700 words, so the value of each word spoken by Arnie was 17,143 dollars. For the 1991 movie about Iron Man came out so powerful that he was awarded as many as twenty awards, among them 4 "Oscar". The director has created a brilliant picture, with a thrilling story, spectacular special effects and great ideas. Terminator Schwarzenegger is not a soulless machine - hard to believe that his actions did not direct the heart, and the program. Yes, the role was scheduled vneemotsionalnaya, and to actor entrenched status of "Iron Arnie", but anyone in the audience did not sympathize with his robot at the end of the picture. Also, colorful and T1000, which suddenly became the personification of the ideal of evil. Patrick on the face of his laconic hero was able to express a million shades of anger, and it's scary and beautiful at the same time. Of course, today every student find millions of inaccuracies in this story about the future. But the film this does not become less exciting and masterpiece.

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