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Film Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy
Budget: $ 85 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1999
Director: John McTiernan
Screenwriter: Michael Crichton, William Wisher ml., Warren Lewis
Operator: Peter Menzies ml.
Somposer: Jerry Goldsmith
Actors: Antonio Banderas, Vladimir Kulih Dennis Storhøi, Daniel Southern, Neil Muffin, John DeSantis, Clive Russell, Michael Haussermann, Oliver Sveynall, Omar Sharif
IMDB: 6.6

The plot - the Michael Crichton novel "Eaters of the Dead". Court poet Ahmed Ibn Fadlan sent as ambassador to the north. His caravan is attacked by the Tartars, and Ahmed, along with a group of Viking ship rescues. The young man goes to pay homage to the supreme ruler Bulevifu, and then the unexpected happens: Ahmed was elected for a hike in the northern lands, where the unknown famously decimating entire villages. The boy goes on a journey, as the 13th warrior, a stranger. Ahmed difficult to master among the roughest savages, but it quickly becomes accustomed to their society, learning to understand the language and even find true friends. Vikings humble poet taught the art of war, meanwhile their long road comes to an end. 13 soldiers get to the designated settlement, the castle of the aged king. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The 13th Warrior 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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