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When he closed his eyes, his heart was opened

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Film Genre: Drama Comedy Adventure
Budget: $ 45 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2007
Director: Rob Reiner
Operator: John Schwartzman
Somposer: Mark Sheymen
Actors: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Beverly Todd, Rob Morrow, Alfonso Freeman, Rowena King, Ennton Berry ml., Verda Bridges, Destiny Braunridzh
IMDB: 7.4


Carter (Freeman) and Ed (Nicholson) is not met under the most pleasant circumstances. They met in the oncology ward, where it became clear that they needed to live on no more than two years. After discussing the situation, both came to the conclusion that, despite his advanced age, not everyone was able to make it. Said - done: pensioners sent implement all their unrealized desires. Such accumulated a lot: a parachute jump, to participate in racing, go to the mountains and eat caviar for a lifetime. Desire, frankly, not cheap, but the situation was saved state Ed, who was the owner of the hospital, where he held a historical introduction. So with caviar will be no problems. With help of this site you can download The Bucket List 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Surely we all remember how ridiculous, just as sad and German film "Knockin 'on Heaven" (1997). Two guys who live there are still less than the heroes Freeman and Nicholson, decide not to wait until the end in a hospital bed, and go by car to the sea, which both have never seen. In the course of travel, as usual, will happen to them a lot of meetings and events, and by the time they sit down on the beach, the audience has time to laugh heartily, and not just shed a tear. "The Bucket List" (which, by the way, originally called simply - "Wish List") is not a remake, but refrain from comparisons difficult - the plot is too similar. In the American version are especially good two points: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. If only the first did not know how so eloquently silent, and the second so contagious laugh, it would be much sadder. The problem is that the film is made with only one purpose - to squeeze out more tears viewers. Oh yeah, the story of two terminally ill people by definition can not be wholly Hochma, but why in the declared comedy so much detail to demonstrate the helplessness of two old men in the ward? Inattention doctors effects of chemotherapy, droppers and nightgowns - all about a third of the film. And only just starting to think that you're used to the sight of elderly Nicholson, hugging the toilet and started watching the drama, the characters leave the hospital and begins funny. Ie the filmmakers apparently thought it would be funny because of jokes somehow not enough. Basically, the characters will be long and detailed to reflect that failed - failed, and in general - what is the meaning of life. Freeman traditionally depicts a man pleasant in all respects - a family man, an altruist, polymath, etc., Nicholson - its exact opposite, but with the money. General trouble them closer, and rich selfish decides for the first time to spend their hard-earned millions on someone outside. And - who would doubt! - Its existence suddenly change and acquire the same meaning. And if so, and to die is not terrible. And in the "Knockin 'on Heaven' more talking about the sea. And in despair sentenced fought the only thing could still have time to fight. And it is easy to prove how, in fact, illusory proverbial sense. Carter and Ed do not have to fight - all too easily given. The whole movie they illustrate well-known truth - it would be nice buy the rest. Health is not, but you can move around the world in a private plane, and any last wish to write a check. Two young boys had a much more difficult. Scared to die and 20, and 60, but ... 20 still worse. In short, the viewer can only keep track of how two elderly gentleman ... no, do not go on a break, and grandly noble and spend money on entertainment predictable. Then again, predictably come to the adoption date of his departure. Would be better if Rob Reiner did not let them out of the hospital room and took a "clean" drama. Then slezodavitelnuyu feature film would be fulfilled. And after this picture wants only shrug and admit that everything will be there.

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