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There were three people in her marriage

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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Biography Historical
Budget: 13500000?
Country of Origin: USA, Italy, UK, France
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Saul Dibb
Screenwriter: Jeffrey Hatcher, Anders Thomas Jensen, Saul Dibb
Operator: Gyula Pados
Somposer: Rachel Portman
Actors: Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Dominic Cooper, Charlotte Rampling, Hayley Atwell, Simon McBurney, Aidan McArdle, John Shrepnel, Alistair Petrie, Patrick Godfrey
IMDB: 6.9

Georgina very young married mature, cynical and indifferent to her the Duke of Devonshire. But that he is indifferent to the feelings and stingy, she learned later, but for now it seems that this is the right decision. Beauty and charisma brought her success in society, it could become a trendsetter and style of the time. Natural intelligence and ingenuity given the opportunity to become a shrewd political manipulator approach to high society. Love - the only thing she has not been able to get. With help of this site you can download The Duchess 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

1774. Cheerful young lady named Georgina Spencer married to a wealthy and influential misanthrope Duke of Devonshire (Rife Fiennes). But their family life is not zalazhivaetsya, has barely begun. Duke requires Georgina birth of a male heir and fidelity, although he changes his wife even the maids. The Duchess wants only to love and tenderness. And solid content. And the Duke paid all her gambling debts. And, judging by the film, wine cellars, it is also a fan of. And when the family, instead of the expected boy, there was the second daughter (not counting the one that was born out of wedlock at Duke and was taken on education, total three), Georgina becomes apparent that her life failed. At least with the Duke. And she, without thinking how it will affect her loving spouse, invites her friend, Lady Elizabeth Foster (Hayley Atwell), "to stay in the castle." And somehow terribly surprised, soon finding both in the same bed. In parallel with the turmoil in family life Georgina waiting unprecedented success in public life: through the influence of money and her husband own and jaunty character it becomes a trendsetter, socialite and one of the most prominent figures in the Whig party. And the plant finally novel - with the future Prime Minister Charles Grey (Dominic Cooper). In the beginning of the film Keira Knightley guidelines for the future public relations campaign film, where priority is the comparison with Lady G Lady Di, ie copies demeanor of Princess Diana in public - the same shy inclination of the head, the same view. This timidity passes quickly, as, respectively, and the similarity with Diana. In the next period of life (about ten or more years) Duchess recovering an inch, does not acquire any wrinkles on the face and did not change the style of play. And the fact that she and other members of this richly decorated (budget - EUR 40 million) representations play in terms of the XVIII century looks strange. The Duchess, already received, judging, again, on current events, unheard of for a woman in those days, freedom, trying to swing right and natural to conclude the deal with her husband. Motives husband, this strange gentleman does not speak for the film, and two paragraphs are unclear. Everyone says that he does not love his wife, but in the end it turns out that kind of love. He pretends to be heartless and even minded despot, but in the end pushes brief phrase about his own "freedom", so much so that you begin to feel sorry that the picture is called "The Duchess" and not "The Duke". Instead of dinner parties these people - quite modern buffets, instead of decent conversation of two ladies - lesbian play. And instead of a clear story of human passions in a complex historical period - another pretty pointless story.

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