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Film Genre: Comedy Action Crime
Budget: $ 30 million
Country of Origin: USA, France
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Luc Besson
Screenwriter: Luc Besson, Michael Caleo
Actors: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron, John Frieda John D'Leo, Jimmy Palumbo, Domenick Lombardozzi, Stan Karp, Vincent Pastore
IMDB: 6.4

Crime comedy. Once in a quiet street of a provincial French town settled writer by the name of Blake and his family and The Family Dog. At this centuries-old city calm over. After all, no one could not imagine that in fact Mr. Blake - the former head of the Mafia, which the authorities are hiding from persecution. And the town is visited by people "Cosa Nostra". The film "The Family" - screen adaptation of the novel by famous writer Tonino Benakvista. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The Family in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Typical American mafia thriller heroes decide to settle in a small French town. Cinema, like reflective credo of its creator, unsuccessfully commercially remake French film in a continuous "Le Big Mac." Respectable American family in the late evening arrive in their new house in Normandy, in northern France. Fred's parents (Robert De Niro) and Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) has long exchanged fifth decade, their daughter, Belle (Dianna Agron) and son Warren (John D'Leo) almost adults, seniors, and they will go to newcomers to the provincial French school. "And what is this time we will have a last name?" - Bella asks his father. "Blake" - briefly meets Fred, and while the family gets a new place, gets the boot from the corpse and buried him in the garden. Once they all wore name Manzoni and Fred (actually Giovanni) was one of the bosses of the Italian mafia in New York. But then he made a deal with the justice system, surrendered his "big family" for the sake of small and now on the witness protection program under the guise of three FBI agents moved from town to town. The problem is that Giovanni can not control his temper gangster and kill or maim anyone who interferes with him to live: Seller spoiled food, arrogant plumbing, director of the plant fertilizers and so on. His wife and children in that he did not concede, as in everything else, they are an example of the most touching family idyll. However, sitting in jail mafia did not forgive betrayal, and on the heels of Manzoni is their agent Robert (Tommy Lee Jones). The film clearly made as a kind of benefit to Robert De Niro to his 70th birthday - a picture tenderly parody stamps mafia gangster movie, in which he has not the last person, and among the many executive producers wormed even Martin Scorsese, whom they took "Casino" and "Taxi Driver." Giovanni Manzoni by De Niro - a fair and noble father, not without a little touching weaknesses. He - a kind of example of just fabulous gangster who shows chaos only stupid and annoying people. But most interesting is that those in the mass, in Luc Besson's are exactly the provincial Frenchman who opposed though and criminals, but charming, intelligent and good Americans. However, all these personal problems Besson with his compatriots, who are not always favorably received his Americanization program Gallic cinema. Not to mention the fact that if you want then you can see the ironic mockery of American belief that the French think about them. In general, Besson, as usual lately, turned popkornovy black comedy of "family series," too primitive for busy actors in it. However, look at the way De Niro and Jones parody own character types, very nice.

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