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Film Genre: Animated Family
Budget: $ 34 million
Country of Origin: USA, Belgium
Year of Release: 2013
Somposer: Ramin Djawadi
Actors: Cindy Adams, Edward Esner, Grant George, Joey Camen, Danny Mann
IMDB: 6.3

Truly a children's cartoon. Fleeing from the pouring rain, street curious cat gets in a mysterious mansion, owned by the old magician Lorenzo. The house illusionist live many animals, and not all of them welcome new residents. Especially suspicious of him Jack rabbit and mouse Minnie. But when Lorenzo is in the hospital, and his nephew decides to sell Uncle housing, little animals have to unite. And in terms of saving the house cat Thunder will play a very important role. "Cat Thunder and enchanted house" - the big-cartoon in the history of Belgian animation. With help of this site you can download The House of Magic 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Charming Belgian cartoon about a kitten that in the absence of the lawful owner of the resistance led by residents of the magic at home against the greedy and cowardly invaders. Polite ginger kitten deliberately "forget" on the street. All of his chase, but hiding from the rain, it falls into the basement of the mysterious house in which he lives an amateur magician and inventor Lawrence. The house is filled with miracles - small robotic toys most bizarre forms and shapes. The owner of a kitten be named Thunder (which sounds just at that moment the window), but perhaps more inappropriate name for the little creature was hard to choose - he desperately shy in front of the old-timers of the mansion, rabbit and mouse , which are not too kindly take a beginner. As a result of the riots perpetrated by Lawrence admitted to the hospital and the power in the old mansion captures his nephew, who wants to sell the house under the guise of realtors. Prior to the inhabitants quickly realizes that the "new power" just throw them on the street, and red kitten becomes leader of the resistance. Belgian "Cat Thunder and enchanted house" was a pleasant outlet in the endless series of monotonous American animated blockbusters that for all their unconditional as several tired. Directed by Jeremy Degruson and Ben Stassen wrote a fascinating and unusual chamber story, which, though not different depth psychological study of characters, dramaturgic inventive and brilliantly filmed. Shooting in the first person, from the point of view of the protagonist - quite a risky move, but the creators of the tape actually managed to reproduce the emotions of the character and will look at what is happening under unusual - literally - around the corner . Alternation of humorous and dramatic scenes of intense, sometimes really scary, any viewer will not get bored, that, in general, and is the main condition for the success of this film production. Of course, the plot with the sale of the house by unscrupulous people is not new, but then the whole thing in the nuances, especially in the dialogues and gegah which, incidentally, is very well adapted for the Russian audience.

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