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Nothing is what it seems

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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Thriller
Budget: $ 16.5 million
Country of Origin: US, Czech Republic
Year of Release: 2006
Director: Neil Burger
Screenwriter: Neil Burger, Steven Millhauser
Operator: Dick Pope
Somposer: Philip Glass
IMDB: 7.6

Illusionist Abramowitz was the son of a cabinetmaker, makes furniture for aristocrats. The legend about him says that once he met on the way a wizard who showed him a few tricks, touched his shoulder and disappeared with the tree under which he sat. But no one knows what happened then it really is. Even as a child magician acquainted with the Duchess von Tesin, they soon became very close, and their friendship grew into love. Sophie, Duchess secretly meets with him, despite the prohibitions of her family, and together they dream to go traveling. With help of this site you can download The Illusionist Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Abounding tricks luxurious costume drama with a double bottom and figs in your pocket. The action takes place at the beginning of the XX century in Vienna. Foreboding in the air of the First World, in distant Russia accomplished a revolution is brewing, and the other, the era of scientific and technological progress is gaining momentum: the Lumiere brothers have scared the audience with his "arrival of the train." It is in this vague, full of ghostly hope in the capital of Austria appears mysterious magician Eyzenhaym (Edward Norton). His performances are a full house, it focuses border with the magic of his artistry and ingenuity is legendary. One day one of his ideas appears Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell), along with his future bride, Duchess Sophie (Jessica Biel). It turns out that the illusionist as a child was not just a sign, but also a potential love with the princess. The feeling was mutual, and more surprisingly, decades later it has not disappeared, but only strengthened. Eyzenhaym seems suspicious inspector Ulyu (Paul Giamatti), who watches - just in case - the movements of the Duchess, demonstrating loyalty to the future emperor, and is aiming for the post of chief of the Vienna police. Picture of Neil Burger "Illyuzonist" is an elegant stylization, and attentive to detail. Can not say that from a historical point of view everything that happens on the screen is true, but some of the details of the story Steven Millhauser "The Illusionist Eyzenhaym" reminiscent of the biography of the Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf, son of Emperor Franz Joseph . And to master the skill of a magician, artist, starring Edward Norton had become a disciple of the famous illusionist James Friedman. However, as reported in some scenes the director chose to stay in the hands of Friedman, not Norton. A proportion of mysticism in the story is still present, but the illusionist Eyzenhaym for the film reveals the secrets of its exciting and spectacular tricks. However, the focus here - for the blind, and most importantly - all-conquering, not knowing the boundaries of estates and love.

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