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Film Genre: Drama Thriller
Budget: $ 10 million
Country of Origin: USA, Germany
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Matthew Chapman
Operator: Bobby Bukowski
Somposer: Nathan Barr
IMDB: 6.6

A police officer Hollis Luchetti once again must persuade a man standing on the ledge of the roof, to abandon the jump. Within an hour, he learns not only about the incredible story of love and passion of the main characters - Shana and Gavin - but also the price that will have to pay all. Everyone in this film is looking for love and truth, but some of these quests are forced to turn away from God and others, on the contrary, lead to faith. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The Ledge in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

A young man named Gavin (Charlie Hunnam) climbs onto the roof of high-rise buildings and stands on the edge. Police arrive, persuaded not to jump. But the guy does not look like a suicide and ended up here against their will. He needs to stand until noon, and then decide whether or not to jump. While waiting for the appointed time, Gavin will tell the police that forced him to climb so high. Gavin, a manager at the hotel, meets a young married couple Shona (Liv Tyler) and Joe (Patrick Wilson), who settled in the neighborhood. Gavin gave Sean works as a maid in a hotel, and in gratitude to his wife called Gavin and his friend gay dinner. Joe found himself a Baptist preacher, loving conduct soul-searching conversations about how to find Christ. Learning that gay friend Gavin, said that he would burn in hell. Also in hell will be atheists, Buddhists and even Catholics, since only Baptists will gain the kingdom of heaven. Joe's wife was not as ardent Christian and fell in love with Gavin. And Gavin decided that a beautiful and intelligent woman should not live with such a cracker. Found out about the affair, Joe comes not a Christian. He takes his wife hostage and Gavin puts a choice: either he jumps off the roof, or he would kill his wife. "The Ledge" - an exciting thriller with neizbity plot. Where you have met thrillers, where the majority of calls being about God and religion? A film with such a plot directed by Matthew Chapman spodvigli his beliefs. Chapman - a fierce atheist, struggling with the church. First he described his claims to the church in the books, then switched to a movie. Even as a child he was struck by the fact that homophobic hide behind the Bible, and became a hater of religion. However, if you do not know these details, do not clear with whom the author struggles - whether with sectarians, or with incorrect wives. And in the end, none of the characters from these disputes did not become happier.

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