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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama
Budget: $ 25 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Scott Hicks
Screenwriter: Will Fetters, Nicholas Sparks
Actors: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, Jay R. Ferguson, Adam LeFevre, Robert Hayes, Joe Cross, Sharon Morris
IMDB: 6.5

US Marine Sergeant Logan Tibolt (Efron) returns from the next, the third in a row, the job in Iraq, and only one holds the unusual finding in him a desire to live - a strange picture of a young woman. Upon learning that her name is Beth (Schilling) and where she lives, he declared her doorstep. The case ends with the fact that he gets a job in the dog kennel run by her family. Despite the initial distrust girls embark on an affair between them, giving Logan hope that it may become for him something more than just a lucky charm. With help of this site you can download The Lucky One 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Defined Zac Efron unconvincing portrays veteran of the Iraq war in the melodrama, very nice in the visual sense, but rather empty in all the others. Marine Logan (Efron) miraculously survives the performance of combat missions in Iraq and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to thank for a woman with a randomly found them pictures. When he returned home safe and sound, at first he tries to get on with filthy nephews, but at some point does not stand (and who would have survived) and goes in search of a guardian angel with crumpled cards. They are the result turns out to be the owner of the hotel for dogs named Beth (Schilling) - Special pretty, but a little prone to hysteria, who lives with his mother Kleve (Danner) and little son (Stewart). Having seen that the women's team needs help around the house, Logan stayed in the hotel as an assistant, but about the whole mystique of a photo decides to explain it some other time. Let's just say we have seen and more successful adaptation of the bestseller by Nicholas Sparks. Not to mention the really strong "The Notebook", even in adolescence "A Walk to Remember," thanks to playing the main roles, was his undoubted charm. "Lucky" in this regard are less fortunate: with the exception of the heroine Danner, all the characters in it as if purposely written so as to permanently annoying lack of elementary logic in their actions. But the main problem of the tape has a specific name - Zac Efron. What can you do if the stars of "High School Musical" way past the Crimea and eye Marine is approximately the same as Jason Staten went to the role of disco dancer. Yes, the guy grew up, you can not argue - biceps with triceps and manly stubble doing their job - but it clearly is not enough. Dissonance is compounded by the fact that throughout the film actor diligently on his face holds a rather strange expression do not be sad, no confusion, no puzzlement and even indifference, and, as if to say, impenetrable void. Who he really was able to play without any special training, so it is an anthropomorphic aliens from another galaxy. In the absence of an exciting plot operator Alar Kivilo making North Carolina the most beautiful place in the world; in the absence of acting talent Efron frequently and thoroughly exposed; but how these pleasant for romantic senior pupils are able to compensate for the lost bonuses and a half hours all other categories of viewers - a separate issue. And the answer to it is desirable to determine Movies.

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