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Let's Get Nuts!

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Film Genre: Comedy Animated Adventure Family
Budget: $ 42 million
Country of Origin: USA, Canada, South Korea
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Peter Lepeniotis
Somposer: Paul Intson
Actors: Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl, Stephen Lang, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias, Sarah Gadon, James Rankin
IMDB: 5.8

Trying to survive in the city, inseparable friends, and protein ZLYKA krysёnok Buddy encountered the shop, packed to the brim with their favorite delicacy - nuts. Feeling that "dreams come true" friends are planning the greatest robbery in the history of rodents. But there were drew quite inappropriately poor relatives of the park - right Ocean's 13! However, all of them unaware that store nuts - just a cover for a gang of robbers who intend to dig a tunnel under the bank and replace the bags of money on bags with the very nuts. Here you can download The Nut Job 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Animated comedy about urban crime hooligans - squirrel and Krysenko who are going to rob a store of nuts. Unlucky thieves are not just on the other side of the law, but also between two big bands - proteins from Central Park and the bank robbers. Quarrelsome young squirrel ZLYKA inadvertently burns whole tree nuts. Kindred proteins Central Park, decide to expel him from the community. Now he is doomed to a lonely survival in the urban jungle of New York City. But soon ZLYKA meets a kindred spirit - Krysenko Buddy. Rodent always understand and rats showed ZLYKA soul mate. Joint search of food for a long time were unsuccessful until friends stumbled upon a dedicated nut shop. Imagine what a bunch of favorite food stored there, they decided to rob a restaurant - all the same that the jackpot. Unfortunately, a happy discovery of proteins found out Central Park, who decided to sit on the tail of his outcast relatives. But it was not the biggest problem. Rodents do not know that they decided to rob a nut shop mafia, which served as a cover for bank robbers. Judging by the story, some of the "real proteins" could get some sort of parody of "Robbery casino» (Killing Them Softly) for children of secondary school age. But the picture is too primitive and done, the majority of modern American animation blockbusters, consists of a solid block, both in terms of visualization of heroes, and in terms of plot turns. In fact, it's just communicating animated comedy, continues developments "Forest" and "Shark Tale." Meanwhile, the filmmakers clearly wanted to involve the kids to the traditions of adult crime movie, that's why the original tape called The Nut Job, what is hard to miss transparent allusions to such bands as The Italian Job («The Italian Job") and The Bank Job ("The Bank Job"). Allusions, of course, comic, since the word nut has a double meaning for Americans, as a direct ("nut") and slang ("Psycho"). It is clear that the Russian car vendor was unable to adequate translation and cost dull references to domestic series "Real boys."

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