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Fear The Demon That Does not Fear God

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Film Genre:Thriller Horror
Budget:$ 17.5 million
Country of Origin:United States
Year of Release:2012
Director:Ole Bornedal
Screenwriter:Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
Operator:Dan Laustsen
Somposer:Anton Sanko
Actors:Rob LaBelle, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Madison Davenport, Quinn Lord, John Cassini

Girl buys vintage box at the fair in one of the neighboring houses. Initially, parents do not see a reason for concern when their youngest daughter becomes obsessed with a new toy. Over time, the behavior of girls is becoming increasingly strange and unexpected reactions, parents are trying to uncover the secret of the box. They do not realize that in a wooden box lives an evil spirit that creates terrible things with their hosts - they were many and they possessed this "treasure" for a short time. The girl's father teams up with his ex-wife in an attempt to find a way to break the curse with their child. The film is based on the published in the Times story, "The Curse in the box" about box, brought to America after World War II Holocaust survivors. Here you can download The Possession 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Chilling spooky horror, loosely based on the real article from the Times and produced by Sam Raimi. Exorcism of the Jews. The first images of the film we see an old box from which sounds ominous whisper of a non-human beings, then the hostess antiques is in a hospital bed. Box falls into the hands of the girl Emily, who, unlike her older sister, Hannah, suffering his parents' divorce. In his father's house, conducting daughters every weekend, Emily opens the mysterious casket and unleashes an ancient evil. Jewish demon dyubbuk - wandering evil spirit - penetrates the girl. The family begins living hell. Some time later, the father realizes that medicine is powerless and goes for help to the synagogue. How to say the filmmakers, the article in the Times, published under the title "The Curse in the box," talked about the terrible events related to the casket, brought to America by the Jews, survivors of the Second World War. By the way, in the original picture directed by Ole Bornedal Scandinavian called briefly and clearly - The possession (possession). It turned out, meanwhile, really scary movie, proving that the horror is still able to fulfill its obligations to the viewer. Despite the huge number of tapes of demon-possessed, rushed to the screen from the time fridkinskogo "The Exorcist" (1973), rarely can remember the film, to wade shivering in his inflexible naturalism. Do not forget that the age of computer technology in recent years has created a small holocaust horror and almost wiped out the basis of the genre - the fear itself. Here, in spite of the standard plot, there are scenes worthy of the highest examples of horror past years, and acting young Natasha Calis deserves some applause. The very name of the young heroine brings us to another film, which is based on real events - "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," Scott Derrickson removed in 2005. Fans of the genre will remember that it was a case of exorcism that took place in Germany in 1976 and allegedly led to the deaths of twenty girls Anneliese Michael recognized by the Catholic Church possessed by demons. On the other hand, "The Possession" is distinguished by the fact that for the first time on the screen shows the process of the expulsion of demons, produced by a minister of Judaism. Prior to that, this mission on the screen played by Christian priests of different faiths. Have there been any developments in the film actually, we, unfortunately, do not know. The authors of the film say one thing - if evil was placed in a casket Jews, it is destined to return to break free spirit back.

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