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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Bart Freundlich
Operator: Jonathan Freeman
Actors: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Justin Bartha, Andrew Cherry, Kelly Gould, Lynn Whitfield, Kate Jennings Grant, Rob Kerkovich, Sam Robards, John Schneider, Joanna Gleason
IMDB: 6.4

Aaron - a young 25-year-old man who works in a coffee shop and are always in search of work. Sandy - a single mother, broken by grief after her husband's infidelity in their own homes, and seeking a new life in another city. He is looking for a job, she is looking for a nanny for their children. Once met, they begin to develop a relationship not only work, but also between them tied a romantic relationship. And like everything is fine, if not the main intrigue - Sandy older Aaron for 15 years. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The Rebound 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Having noticed a home computer random video clearly depicting the her husband with another woman, a housewife Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) files for divorce and, taking two children, cheerfully rolls in from the suburbs of the metropolis. Precocious boy and girl choir scare mom that live in the city "only transvestites and bourgeois," but my mother did not easily frightened. Suddenly finding an apartment and excellent work, clever Sandy, at the instigation of a friend, and thinks about his personal life. Sandy is a neighbor of Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha), a young man slightly, as follows from the name, zatyukali overly loving mother. He is very kind, sweet, and most importantly - philoprogenitive. And because Sandy's career goes sharply uphill time to be at home in her less Aram gladly agrees to look after the children. And to reduce their mom on the box. And to help with the housework. And otshit arrogant ex-husband. In general, very soon, a 24-year-old Aram moved to the 40-year-old Sandy permanently. And so the two of them, in spite of the age difference, well, that there would be a fairy tale ending. But "The Rebound" is not removed on the patterns of normal romantic comedy, but rather by the laws of the series. And some resemblance to "My best lover" you need to look only at the age of heroes. So - miniseries. In the load to the charming and romantic in its implausibility wait unscheduled stories and even ectopic pregnancy, quarrels from scratch phenomenon ex-wives and foster black children, surgery to rejuvenate the buttocks, the expected separation, the same is expected to meet, incredibly dynamic career advancement and even story about the everyday life of international humanitarian service. Just live together or just leave and not to fool each other, and relatives of the head, the couple, through the efforts of a writer, does not work. The finale, combining the dinner table Americans, Jews, child from Bangladesh and the black lady-boss, as a result of political correctness reaches the top and can compete even with the classic TV series - the final ball of the "Santa Barbara", which was attended by all members of the epic, including creators . But "nurse ..." as opposed to "Santa Barbara" foreseeable finite (just half an hour against a dozen, it seems years) and offers a significant bonus in the face of beauty Zetas-Jones, as well as several intelligent jokes about sex - the most unreal and therefore the most valuable things.

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