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One part outrage. One part justice. Three parts rum. Mix well.

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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Comedy
Budget: $ 45 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Bruce Robinson
Screenwriter: Bruce Robinson, Hunter S. Thompson
Operator: Dariusz Wolski
Somposer: Christopher Young
Actors: Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli, Amber Heard, Richard Jenkins, Amaury Nolasco, Marshall Bell, Bill Smitrovich, Julian Holloway
IMDB: 6.2

The end of the 50s. Journalist Paul Camp quits his job at the prestigious New York edition went to Puerto Rico where he finds a newspaper correspondent in the English town of San Juan. Here are all worth a penny - rum, which flows like water, cars, yachts, friendship with the same failures as it is life itself. He thirties, he was looking for himself, he lives in expectation of an hour, when he understands: it is too early to let a bullet in the forehead, there still is something to see. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The Rum Diary 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Biographical drama soundly bookish scenario with an outstanding cast and extremely drunk entourage. Johnny Depp, weary of the American dream, goes to look for the truth of life in Puerto Rico located, apparently, somewhere between the adoption of the constitution and a new wave of struggle for independence. In order not to bore the historical and political context: the local population are poor and strongly dislikes fattening Americans. Which, however, also zhiruyut not all. Depp's character - a journalist with ideals - to be acquainted with the good-natured as syphilitic-alcoholics among the unlucky fellow, and the owners of factories, newspapers, steamers - of course, cynical and ethically unattractive. Giovanni Ribisi ("Boiler Room") is almost an excellent job with the role of the fallen below the lower features Moberg, once the worker pen, and now the owner of dirty pants, manufacturer and supplier of fanciful battle hallucinogens varying degrees of legality. True, he went to acting happiness - the hero with signs of insanity, do not dry throughout the film. Ribisi plays something very funny, but not stupid - on the borderline between "bruise" and Socrates, and almost as charismatic as present in the frame Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean, as Ironically, again mastered the Caribbean, a parasite on branded facial expressions, "I am surprised! (And you're funny) "and" what is this crap ?! (You even funnier) "and, in principle, also leaning towards comedy. Anyway, the brightest episodes of "The Rum Diary" associated with drinks, is a cross between rum and liquid fire, and actions carried out under the influence of the heroes of these. However, somewhere between cockfighting, escape from the angry Puerto Ricans and the phenomenon of the shaman transvestite spitting frogs (guess what expression did Johnny Depp?), The film slip Temko social injustice, lack of freedom of the press, the omnipotence of money - and well-blah blah ... Before intoxicating reality of male alcoholic rebellion and beautiful truth boundless ocean correct ideological looks a little dull. Maybe that's why the director Bruce Robinson decided not to pedal. In the end, however, still had to put a fat, happy and fair point. And oddly enough, this time edifying American happy ending - not spoiled fruit fantasy writer, but the fact of the biography of a real person. The film is dedicated to Hunter S. Thompson, the legendary journalist, author of "The Rum Diary" and the unforgettable "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." However, it is unknown how Thompson, who wrote a very, very depressing novel soaked bitter aroma of rum, would have reacted to the final credits about the "married" and "gained recognition." Still, though the truth, and the movie is the movie.

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