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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Detective Science Fiction
Budget: $ 100 million
Country of Origin: USA, China, UK
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Wally Pfister
Operator: Jess Hall
Somposer: Michael Dann
Actors: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Cole Hauser, Morgan Freeman, Clifton Collins ml., Cory Hardrict, Falk Henschel, Josh Stewart, Lukas Haas
IMDB: 6.3

Fantastic blockbuster. A prominent researcher in the field of artificial intelligence Dr. Will Caster is working on a computer that is able to collect in all the knowledge and experience accumulated by mankind. Suffice controversial experiments conducted Will, glorify him, and at the same time made the main goal of radical antitehnologicheskoy groups. The extremists are doing everything possible to stop it. However, in their attempts to destroy Will they achieve reverse and become unwitting participants in the formation of its absolute superiority. For his wife Evelyn and best friend Max Waters also research scientists, the question arises whether they should continue this experiment. Their worst fears are brought to life when the thirst for knowledge Will goes into an uncontrollable lust for power, and predict where this will lead, is impossible. The film "Excellence" was the directorial debut for the operator Wally Pfister. With help of this site you can download Transcendence 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Stunning in its external data fantastic band that output is boring and pretentious zilch. Handsome and very clever Dr. Will Carter is trying to create artificial intelligence. In this he selflessly helping beautiful wife Evelyn and old friend Max, who, however, did not share the optimism about the wonderful Will the digital future. Further its members do not share the radical groups opposed to technological progress. At one conference they mortally wounded Dr. Carter. In an attempt to save a loved Evelyn using Max digitizes his mind, and Will begins a new life in the digital world. For all this, no joke, intriguing history hides his directorial debut constant operator Christopher Nolan - Wally Pfister. Actually, this is not no advertising, and the most that neither is a harsh sentence - the film, which cost $ 100 million, failed miserably at the box office. Do not save it any stars that here in abundance, nor appetizing Trailers, no magic name Nolan, who produced the picture. And if the usual Hollywood blockbusters losers accepted blame mostly for the script, the main failure of the "superiority" is to recognize, without a doubt, Director. That work Pfister (Oscar-winning, among other things, the operator) makes watching a tape into a real meal: interesting ideas contained in the script turned into banality or completely eroded - as if they just forgot about the course of filming. Classy, ​​in general, the actors are trying to bring in agonizing attempts to tell the story of the spark of drama and emotion, but both are extinguished director with enviable persistence. The final nail in the lid is a two-hour timekeeping, and that begs to be reduced at least 15-20 minutes. But this does not happen, and as a result, instead of concentrated blockbuster / action / thriller that promises us a synopsis or trailer, it turns sluggish melodrama, trying to catch the viewer's questions so complex that very confused in their formulation. And the same directorial debut Pfister remains in memory only as pretentious homunculus, forever frozen in phase between sverhkontseptualnoy history and its full kinovoploscheniem.

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