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Film Genre: Thriller Horror
Budget: 2 000 000?
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Robert Heath
Operator: James Friend
Somposer: Richard Prien
Actors: Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall, Nicky Henson, Jennie Jacques, Thomas Kane, Jason Mazza, David Oakes, David Stern, Linda Tarkovsky
IMDB: 5.6

At the end of the school year graduates going to a party, to get away and relax in full. In the midst of fun friends start playing your favorite game, "bottle", which ends with ridicule and scandal for one of the participants - Felix. No one could have imagined that harmless podkoly will have dire consequences for all. A few months later friends rally for the game, but instead of Felix appears his older brother - Justin weird. It offers the children wait for their friend, but Justin's true purpose - to involve everyone in the terrible and monstrous game rules which do not exist. Here you can download Truth or Dare in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

English slasher about the students began to play spin the bottle. Two brothers decide to punish the company aristocrat vulgar "golden youth", afford to humiliate one of them. The picture is not as terrible as instructive. At a party marking the end of the first course of a group of students are satisfied with the game in the bottle. Timid botanist Felix gets forfeit specify the person with whom he wanted to have sex. The young man honestly names the languid beauty Gemma, who has just rejected his advances. Lift accident bespectacled fellow students laugh, and the guy Gemma, arrogant "macho" Paul, punches him in the face. A few months later a vacation to an end, and the five members of the scandalous parties receive from Felix's invitation to visit his parents' estate. Attracted by the possibility tusanutsya in a huge old castle, the "golden youth" in unison answers yes. Upon arrival, however, it turns out that the lock is locked, and the old-guard, riding on a Land Rover Defender, sends guests in an abandoned hunting lodge. Here they met Justin's older brother Felix - friendly young man with a strong chin, piercing eyes and steel muscles. He gladly tells that served as an officer of the British Special Forces and recently returned from another trip to Afghanistan. While Felix delayed, Justin offers his "best friends" again to play spin the bottle. As stated in another acclaimed thriller, "not all will be saved." Youth genre of horror about the young lazy, fall into the clutches of a maniac or any other infernal essence, traditionally developed in the USA and is represented by numerous slasher like "The Slumber Party Massacre", "Wrong Turn" and have already entered into the fund classics "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Declared as a British black comedy film "Play to death" fits perfectly into this group. However, directly comedy here is just quite a bit; You can even say that it is a film of humor and not enough. Also there are no full-fledged protagonists: it is clear that the students - "genetic junk", and the brothers themselves - clear degenerates. But there are some interesting details. So, Hotboysy - atypical English aristocrats, whose ancestors appear, according to Justin, "seventeen generations of French Catholics." Given the traditionally difficult relations in England and the French, and the Catholics, by the filmmakers is a clear hint. Especially considering that their origin explains Justin and his homophobia and his revenge offenders younger brother.

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