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Film Genre: Comedy
Budget: 15 000 000 €
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2012
Director: James Huth
Screenwriter: Sonia Shillito, James Huth
Actors: Sophie Marceau, Gad Elmaleh, Michael Abitbul, François Berléand, Julie-Anne Roth, Masha Meryl, François Vincentelli, Milena Chiron, Maurice Barthélémy
IMDB: 5.4

Sasha loves his friends, his piano and his life, like a holiday. At night, he played in a jazz club and seducing beautiful women. He - of those who live one day and does not care about the future. Charlotte - three children, two ex-husbands and careers in management. Her schedule is no place for a love story, especially with someone like Sasha. Look at those two: they have nothing to do together! But they are meant for each other ... Here you can download Un bonheur narrive jamais seul Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Romantic sitcom about a love that was coming out of the blue, when you are over thirty and change life is not so simple. Summer, Paris, the beautiful French artists, rough sex and comical situations - almost everything you could wish for from such a movie. Musician Sasha (Elmaleh) is enjoying life free Parisian artist - all night lights on the piano for friends in a small jazz club, where he was paying the booze, and earns a living writing music for commercials. He lives in a two-tier studio in Montmartre, which leads the girls "for one night", and cleaning and home-made food it provides incoming mom. Sasha start a family is not going to, because more than anything else is afraid of children. One day after a visit to the office of a very large advertiser he faces flown on its convertible charming woman. It seems that the divorcee Charlotte (Sophie Marceau), like the heroine of some sort of "accident-prone", generally stumbles at every step, falls, falls under the stream of water from an oncoming car and other similar trouble. Between her and Sasha almost instantly flashes passion, and they indulge in rough sex in Montmartre studio under the banner "West Side Story." It should be noted that Sasha general taste for old American movies - his favorite movie he calls "Casablanca." It would seem that can cloud a novel two adults, free and successful people? However, when Sasha was time to pay a return visit, he saw in the apartment Charlotte something that hoped not to see ever in my life. By genre this film closest French sitcoms 70-80s with Pierre Richard - it is very easy to imagine even in place of Gad Elmaleh. Unfortunately, judging by the Russian localization of how the young actor has managed to cope with his role, rather difficult. Absolutely impossible to understand the logic of distributors, who called the comedy Un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul («Happiness never comes one") "Love with obstacles." Of course, the heroes of the tape facing certain problems, but still they are far from Romeo and Juliet, not Tony and Maria and especially Rick and Ilsa not. The original name better conveys the essence of intrigue, so could not help think, and whether there are not less of a problem with the translation and dubbing tapes in general? Otherwise it is difficult to explain why high-quality traditional French love sitcom with wonderful actors, beautiful and elegant shot, for some reason is not funny and does not cause sympathy for the characters. Some straight "fake fur-tree toy" - the same as the present, but for some reason are not happy.

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