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Film Genre: Comedy Anime Musical Adventure Fantasy
Budget: 25 million €
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Bibo Bergeron
Somposer: Matthieu Chedid
Actors: Matthieu Chedid, Vanessa Paradis, Gad Elmaleh, François Cluzet, Ludivine Sagnier, Julie Ferrier, Bruno Salamone Sebastian bowl, Philip Petiau Bob Belaban
IMDB: 6.7

Paris. 1910. The town has a panic due to lingering showers coming flood. Moreover, there is a monster on the street, looks like a giant insect. No one suspects that the perpetrators of the appearance of this monster can be shy projectionist Emil and boastful inventor Raul without a demand pick up in the laboratory of the famous scientist. Police Commissioner Meynot dreaming to take a seat mayor of Paris, as part of its election campaign begins the hunt for the unknown monster who finds refuge in the dressing room Lucille Star Cabaret "rare bird" in Montmartre. Quite by accident Lucille offers incredible musical talent of his guest. And with Lucille monster, named it Francourt in a white suit and a wide-brimmed hat performing on stage cabaret and makes public a complete delight. But Commissioner Meynot continued pursuit of the monster, not wanting to miss a chance ostentatious presentation to the electorate. Now a harmless, like a flea, the monster is looking for his new friends protection against inhuman ambitious and Commissioner ... With help of this site you can download Un monstre à Paris Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Take a romantic story, vaguely reminiscent of "Phantom of the Opera", and make it the protagonist of the flea, which started up in monkey fur, could only very ordinary people. Shy to insanity projectionist Emile and his friend, krivoruky inventor Raul without permission are taken to a laboratory scientist, in the absence of which there runs the affairs of the monkey, quiet and intelligent animal. Unlike her Raul behaves like a wild, mix a couple of compositions, some of which goes to flea, lurking in the wool monkey. Bloch grows up to two meters, jumping all over Paris, bringing people to faint, but finds an unexpected haven in cabarets, in canary Lucille, having won it with his velvety voice and perfect for some new hearing. Bloch - not the most pleasant and harmless insect. Dvuhmetrovaya flea - character, worthy of Kafka, Leskov, or at least Cronenberg. Just imagine for a moment what and how it (the film is also a he) eats and looks like without that beautiful dress, which has received from Lucille. Everything that is happening has nothing to do with the magic of Christmas and the atmosphere of Paris early last century. Does not sound any jokes that could amuse a child or an adult to make smirk. Rather, it looks like a veiled but extremely vicious parody of the show business, where some of Lucille, a potential favorite police chief, has a pleasant voice, Vanessa Paradis and only one song in the repertoire, from boredom drags on stage the first comer ugly monster that has hearing only in exceptional coincidence. Yes, then it will be great, and the power of art and love, and a bit of the Eiffel Tower. How interesting children who by this time his eyes and head ache from stereo glasses, the big question. But adults may have the format a little peace with what is happening - really, how else to make a film about insects, if not in 3D?

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