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An immortal battle for supremacy.

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Film Genre: Thriller Action Fantasy
Budget: $ 22 million
Country of Origin: USA, Hungary, Germany, UK
Year of Release: 2003
Director: Len Wiseman
Screenwriter: Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Danny McBride
Operator: Tony Pierce-Roberts
Somposer: Paul Haslinger
Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Erwin Leder, Sophia Myles, Robbie Gee, Wentworth Miller, Kevin Grevioux
IMDB: 7.0

In an alternate universe "another world" planet ruled by darkness, and all sorts of evil, trying to hide from human eyes, is an underground lifestyle. People for them - a food source. Many years between immortal races - vampires and the Lycans (werewolves) - there is a war. And no one remembers, for whatever reason it started .... It so happened that the vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale in skin tight) fell in love with an ordinary doctor (Scott Speedman), who was bitten by a werewolf. Of course, vampires are strictly forbidden to meet with the sworn enemies of the werewolf. Selina was seriously angry and pulled out a gun with silver bullets. With help of this site you can download Underworld in HD free full Movie.

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