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Take back your life.

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Film Genre: Drama Thriller
Budget: $ 30 million
Country of Origin: United States, Germany, Canada, Britain, France, Japan
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Jaume Serra Kolet
Screenwriter: Oliver Butcher, Stephen Cornwell, Didier van Koveler
IMDB: 6.9

This film tells the story of a man who after waking up from a coma to find his identity assigned to others, and understand that no one, even his own wife did not believe him. And then with the help of an unknown young female taxi driver hero tries to prove who he is. Here you can download Unknown 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Biologist, Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson), along with a charming wife Liz (Dzhenyuari Jones) arrives in Berlin for a global biotechnology conference. Missing suitcase with their own documents Dr. Harris discovers only at the door of the hotel and not even having to tell his wife what had happened, and catches a taxi rides back to the airport. Taxi driver Gina (Diane Kruger) is doing everything in its power to quickly drop off the client, but dodge the hefty refrigerator that suddenly drops out of running ahead of the car, can not. Taxi, Harris and Jean punched the guard and end up in the river. Came a longer hospital Harris remembers little of this a little bit. Goes to the hotel, finds his wife. She looks kindly, but said that Harris sees for the first time. The man next to her looking less tenderly and said that Martin Harris - this is it. This Harris finally ceases to understand what is happening and tries to find at least a taxi driver who saw him for the last time in sound mind and memory. But in addition to the taxi driver, he finds a few people, apparently ready to do anything to him, Harris kill. The action finally begins, and how. What can not be denied the director Jaume Cera ("Orphan") and three writers, writing "unknown", so it's ingenuity. With the arrival of Dr. Martin Harris is so beautiful and serene tourist Berlin immediately begins to boil and seethe. It found OPG representatives of planetary scale, and here and there there are former Stasi agents who like dirt, and, most importantly, not to speak of the place of cigarettes and the Soviet "Volga". Dr. Harris is forced to adapt to the situation - he kills a man with his bare hands and drives the machine backwards while looking at Diane Kruger. Degree increases so much that the Stasi and mercenaries it was limited to no longer can. In the course is the Arab prince altruistic terrorists (not altruists), explosives, girls, twins, passwords-flowers. Harris Neeson tries to match here, recalling his own experience with the "hostage" and someone else - with the "Total Recall." But it seems that even for a man of his strong constitution as Neeson, is happening a little too much. Especially, it is constantly hit on the head.

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