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Eight-year Timurite movement Russell bothers offers of assistance grouchy old man Karl, who apparently suffers from loneliness. Carl 78, and it tends to keep the promise made to his wife, namely to attach to your own home thousands of balloons and fly them up to the Americas. At the time when Charles performs conceived and raises his home in the air, the young optimist Russell is on his porch and, as a result, is sent on a long journey together with the old man, annoying him with his talk. But two dissimilar heroes have to get along, because get the airship is not possible. Cartoon received two awards "Oscar", including for best soundtrack. With help of this site you can download Up Free Full Movie in HD.

Film Genre: Drama Comedy Anime Adventure Family Fantasy
Budget: $ 175 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Somposer: Michael Giacchino
Actors: Edward Esner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger, Christopher Plummer, Bob Peterson, Delroy Lindo, Jerome Renft, David Kay, Elie Docter, Jeremy Leary
IMDB: 8.3

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Critic's response:

Little boy with big glasses enthusiastically watching a newsreel about his idol, the famous traveler. He wants to grow up and travel the whole world, and even meets the same enthusiastic girl. Together they grow up and live to old age, but nothing bigger attacks on picnics and do not commit. When Mr. Fredriksen is one, he is saved from certain worries the government attaches to his lodge one hundred thousand balloons and serving it to South America. The young scout Russell in the pursuit of the badge "For the elderly," is it an unexpected companion. Last year's Pixar "WALL-E", which became a real revelation in the animation studio has provided insurance against oblivion, but at the same time raised the bar extremely high. All subsequent creations will be voluntarily or involuntarily compared with a cartoon of a little rusty robot, and the chance to outdo him, or at least to reach them, it seems, not too much. That's "Up", although got far enough, barely reached half way. Although the creators blinded Mr. Fredrickson of the same cubes - he square body and head with giant glasses on it, and wrinkles are formed in the wonderful eloquence misanthropic face. But, unfortunately, in our hire he grumbling voice Armen Jigarkhanyan - and that, anyway, entails unnecessary load associations and moves all in a totally different dimension. Magnificent talking dogs whose orations now and then interrupted proteins luxury bird of happiness, feeding chocolate, colorful balloons and South America - and in the midst of all this whether Humpback, whether Hasan Ataman forty thieves. Someone, in general, blatant Soviet and negative, and it is not the topic. In general, I must say that something strange is going on recently in the domestic box office. Goblin voiced movies, Dzhigarkhanyan - cartoons and texts themselves and the construction of sentences after translation, though often funny, slightly give madness. But, citing the (insanely) speaking South American dogs "Scream all you want, small mailman. Your fellow postmen you will not hear. "

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