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Film Genre: Melodrama Fantasy
Budget: $ 72 million
Country of Origin: Canada, France
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Juan Diego Solanas
Operator: Pierre Gill
Somposer: Benoit Charest
Actors: Kirsten Dunst, Jim Stёrdzhess, Timothy Spall, Jane Heytmeyer, Agnieshka Wnorowska, Neil Napier, Blue Mankuma, Kate Trotter, James Kidney, Vlasta Vrana
IMDB: 6.4


Fantastic melodrama. A long time ago the two planets pulled together, and both planets are people, for each planet has its own attraction. On top of the planet reigns wealth and prosperity. It created a corporation, to extort the bowels of the planet and the second offering in return for electricity unaffordable for the poor inhabitants of the planet's lower price. Movement of people between the planets is tightly controlled. She - a girl from a wealthy family from the upper world, he - a simple man from the lower world, and they love each other. And yet there is a secret bee pollen that is produced simultaneously on both planets and has incredible properties. The film "Parallel Worlds" was first released in cinemas in Russia August 23, 2012. With help of this site you can download Upside Down Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

In the strange world where the two planets are very close to each other drew lived Adam (Jim Sturges) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst). Although the inhabitants of different planets were forbidden to communicate with each other, these two childhood had its own attraction. Then disaster struck, and Eden as a result of an unfortunate incident, lost her memory. Now, to get her back, Adam will do the impossible. In fluent retelling "Parallel Worlds" like some kind of Indian cinema, glued together from fragments nolanovskogo "Elements". And because of the involvement of an inverted Kirsten Dunst him and wants to christen full-kiss Spider-Man. However, this is exactly the case when the first impression shamelessly lying, and we have something really interesting. Constructing a film around a single attraction, the authors do not forget to back the construction of a proven genre basis, and if for a moment leave aside all the tricks of space, in front of us will be a classic melodrama about love rich and poor dreamer Impatiens-adventurer. Efforts are also some elements of dystopia (the upper world exploits the bottom), however, they can not pay attention. Attraction itself was a success. Juan Diego Salanas not the first time shooting a film, is entirely based on the strong assumption. In his old man without a head short film (in the literal sense), going to the prom with a girl looking into a neighbor's shop to buy the missing part of the body. So that gravity director for a mere trifle, especially since it is fraught with a lot of visionary pleasures. Antipodes dancing tango in the two-level restaurant, Sturges dives from one ocean to the other and gets into a rather delicate situation, I'm sorry, in the toilet. These small discoveries would be enough for some fantastic films. Another thing that anyone attending secondary school, find a picture of a million contradictions on the part of the world of mechanics. It is not that the authors ignored the Newton, just even to their own laws of physics, they are without proper awe. It remains to write off all the flaws in the love that the plot works wonders. Review editors Boris Grishin August 15, 2012 The rise of a coup Beautiful, but unreasonably prolonged and too tricky love story with insurmountable obstacles. The picture will remind many "Home" Nolan. The authors have come up with a movie, of course, the original world that is already attached to the tape freshness. But not figured out how to talk about their ideas by means of cinema, as a result of the very beginning of the audience will listen a little sci-fi lectures on physics. So, there is a system of two planets that thanks to mutual gravitation are in close proximity - in mountainous areas the distance is not more than two dozen meters. Relative to one another planet still. Well, for the sci-fi genre is quite acceptable. In the end, as we know, "Among the many worlds there may one where the cat comes with a bundle of firewood on the face of the deep sea." But beyond fiction begins totally unscientific - somehow objects from one planet, getting on the other, continue to experience the attraction only his world, but if it is too long to be in "foreign gravity" in general burned. Well, obviously the writers decided to complicate the life of his characters. After all, that's not all - on the planets built a totalitarian society, and the people of the world is forbidden to communicate with the inhabitants of another under pain of death. In "return the world" reigns wealth and corporate prosperity. "Lower" is a raw materials appendage, where poverty and devastation. Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from the "upper world", and Adam (Jim Stёrdzhess, "Across the Universe" and "Twenty-One") from the "underworld" in the mountains met and fell in love. Adam on the rope drags his girlfriend closer and they kiss, and Dunst is in position, the reverse his famous kiss with Spider-Man, hanging upside down. But the intelligence agencies are not asleep, as a result of Eden falls to his planet and deprived of memory. Just imagine how many obstacles have to be overcome to Adam, to save his love - gravity, spontaneous combustion, special services, and also the girl did not remember. There is only one secret that can help in love - pink bees that make honey pink, which has anti-gravity properties. In general, all this would be very funny if it were not for one more obstacle - the will of the writers in the "upper world" Adam behaves like a complete moron, and dialogue is so monstrous that listening to endless "uh, uh, nuuu, no, no, no- no, no, do not think ... I actually ... uh "and everything else in the same spirit is simply intolerable. As a result, the characters are inventing anti-gravity fluid, spontaneous combustion items from an alien world just going away somewhere, and Eden generally acquires the ability to live in the world of Adam without any problems. How - the viewer discovers in the final way to truly not without wit. And, in addition, thanks to the novel protagonists of societal reform and the two worlds merge in prosperity and harmony.

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