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Film Genre: Thriller Horror
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Actors: Sophie Takano, Joe Svanberg, Jessica Sams, Drew Sawyer, Mike Donlen, Joe Sykes, Adam Wingard, Lane Hughes, Calvin Reeder
IMDB: 5.8

Six stories in the genre mokyumentari related one story line. Two robbers get into the house, where lies the corpse of a man that commissioned some mysterious videotape to steal customers from compromising. To find the right material, they scan the entire archive collected from other documentary filming. Here then the fun begins. Accidents cracks were not ready for what they will see. Each record puts them in a nightmare, so real, what happens if our eyes. And at this time somewhere very near it awakens: the unknown and merciless evil. Here you can download V / H / S 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Mokyumentari horror genre found footage - oddly enough, fresh and original than you might expect. The gang of four bullies records his exploits on the camera, and then fills the video on YouTube, where it notes and a "fan". For a nice fee he hires rebyatok break in the middle of the night in the house and from there to steal one videotape. They know what, when you look. One condition - the guys have to shoot everything on camera. What they both do when get into someone else's home, and do not stop, even when they find the corpse of the owner, sitting in front of screens of several televisions. In search of the desired drawer cracks wander around the house, leaving a single operator to view video already found directly at the feet of "leaning" grandfather. This shown in the Sundance Film Festival tribute to the horror genre in the found footage is a potpourri of four films within the film (in the original version were five, but Russian distributors, apparently cut out one of the pieces of timing considerations). And it should be noted that a number of live diversified one "evil" new "Paranormal Activity", which is obsessed with the same aggressive poltergeist and goes into our theaters almost simultaneously, must be uncomfortable. The first fragment is made in the genre of horror about monsters: Three friends go to a bar to using special glasses with built-in camera to remove some of the virgins do not know in a porno movie, but badly mistaken with the choice of the actress. The second episode tells the story of a company of teenagers who go to rest on the lake - from the ties of a mile reeking slaughterhouse, and, in general, is not accidental. But rather "fresh" is the third story. First, manual camera then replaces "Skype", and secondly, which began as just another "Paranormal" episode makes a feint, and then suddenly jumps to a completely different genre. Completes the same tape fragment in the classical spirit of movies about ghosts, pleasing the most advanced special effects: Four friends go to celebrate Halloween in the house on the outskirts of the city, but instead visitors discover there a different shelter perky ghosts. Well, the fifth fragment can be considered its own history vlezshih house hooligans - not hard to guess that the mysterious fans need not film, but they are. In general, the "evil" works great as a curious and quite pugatelny attraction overall pace and tone which almost do not allow the viewer to relax. The flip side of this vitality are inevitable gaps in the story, or rather stories. It is quite common guessing "codes" - slasher, ghosts, mad scientist - we will not know the usual details about the origin of evil in each case. However, the genre of found footage («Point of recording") quite clearly points to the fact that the heroes of this knowledge still would not help, but then, I ask, what time to lose in vain.

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