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Download Vicky Cristina Barcelona Free

Download Vicky Cristina Barcelona free movie

Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Comedy
Budget: $ 20 million
Country of Origin: USA, Spain
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Woody Allen
IMDB: 7.2

Two American women, Vicky and Cristina go to Barcelona. Vicki engaged, Christine is looking for adventure. Adventure, however, find them yourself - girls get tangled romantic situation with the Spanish artist and his ex-wife. Artist immediately informs them that he liked both girls equally, and that each of them he would not mind to sleep. Vicky struck such a situation, but even more that Christina has agreed to spend the weekend with him. Over the weekend Vicky several times changed his attitude to the artist: anger, passion, hatred, pain ... Some time later, Christine moved to the artist, but here in their idyll invades his ex-wife, and where the real fun begins. With help of this site you can download Vicky Cristina Barcelona Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

The new film by Woody Allen comes out in cinemas in Russia just in time: New Year's magic, if someone did, it was over, and to an alien, but subconsciously expected St. Valentine's another three weeks. Love, as has often been noted, we always want to. Vicky and Cristina - are no exception. However, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) believes it's found happiness in the face of Doug (Chris Messina) and her friend Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) is sure that the best course ahead. Therefore, for the summer holidays in Barcelona girls go together, but for different purposes. Serious Vicki wants to finish his thesis on Catalan culture and thirsty Kristina - search of adventure, it is desirable romantic. Stopping at distant cousin Vicki, seemingly a model home, Judy (Patricia Clarkson), the girls begin to see Barcelona. At some newfangled show they meet interesting type in a red shirt - a painter Juan Antonio Gonzalo, a creator, a dreamer, a big fan of female and Javier Bardem. About him it is known only that he almost killed his ex-wife Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz). Or she him. In general, Vicky and Cristina react differently to his proposal "all go together in Oviedo, see the sights and make love", but still going. Voiceover narrator comments on an event and gradually falls silent - love triangle begins to build itself. Vicki wants, but he is afraid, Christina wants, but it at the wrong time sick, Juan Antonio wants all at once, but there is a crazy Maria Elena, and it has its own inquiries. Some time ago, Woody Allen changed the place of constant shooting and the source of their own (and sometimes even the audience) neurosis - New York - Europe, London, and now Barcelona. This will benefit all. His new film with the plot of a soap opera (about Juan Antonio Maria Elena do now will live with us?) - Sensual, erotic, as always witty and absolutely romantic masterpiece. Two-hour creative advertising a specific place on the map (Barcelona city authorities even participated in the financing) and also the eternal search history "real" love.

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