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Film Genre: Thriller Action Horror Science Fiction
Budget: $ 75 million
Country of Origin: United States, Germany, Britain, France, Japan
Year of Release: 1999
Director: John Bruno
Screenwriter: Chuck Pfarrer, Dennis Feldman
Operator: David Eggby
Somposer: Joel McNeely
Actors: Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Joanna Pakula, Marshall Bell, Sherman Augustus, Cliff Curtis, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Keith Flippen
IMDB: 4.8

"Virus" - fi thriller with elements of horror film, loosely based on the comic book. American tow truck performing next flight with a loaded barge forest, falls in a storm. When the ship lost its cargo gets into the calm waters, the crew discovers a drifting Russian research ship type. Having decided to tow the deserted ship in port, the crew of the tug did not even suggest what danger can conceal this idea. The ship turned out not empty - research ship was attacked by an alien life form highly planning to capture the entire Earth. With help of this site you can download Virus Full Free HD Movie.

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