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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Action Horror Science Fiction
Budget: $ 190 million
Country of Origin: US, Malta
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Marc Forster
Screenwriter: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof
Operator: Robert Richardson
Somposer: Marco Beltrami
Actors: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, Daniella Kertesz, People Bukenov, Fana Mokoena, David Morse, Elyes Gabel, Peter Capaldi, Pierfrancesco Favino, Moritz Bleibtreu, Konstantin Habensky
IMDB: 7.0

Zombies suddenly became a reality - and the reality that threatens the destruction of all mankind. The army of the living dead captures country by country, continent by continent. Killed trying to prevent the coming apocalypse, thousands of war in Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA. Earth - on the edge of disaster. UN employee Gerry Lane against time trying to stop the infection that can completely destroy humanity. The film "War of the Worlds Z» is based on the novel by Max Brooks. Here you can download World War Z 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Brad Pitt meets zombies in a classic summer blockbuster. Once a mercenary Jerry traveled all possible hotspots properly fulfill its UN mission. Now he is - just an ordinary citizen, a loving husband and father of two lovely girls. But peace can not see Jerry. In a matter of weeks the entire planet becomes one continuous hot spot. Nowhere grafted virus, transmitted by the bite, makes most of the world's population into bloodthirsty zombies against which any weapon powerless. The few survivors still hiding somewhere on land, but a truly safe may feel only those whom the UN and the government evacuated aboard airliners ocean. It is here and is Jerry and his family. But do not think that was rescued from the teeth of the living dead of humanity. Jerry wants to charge a new job. Former mercenary must be accompanied by a Harvard scientist in South Korea, where he entered the first signal of the epidemic. In case of refusal of his family will be immediately sent back to the land where it waits imminent death. Former mercenary no choice but to agree ... Even among professional critics today are those who are surprised and outraged by the fact that the next review of the cinema festival in Moscow this year will open a Hollywood blockbuster zombie. Meanwhile, the practice is widespread - the largest and most important festivals of the world have long been open non-competition screenings big-budget Hollywood comedies, insurgents and even cartoons. Nothing wrong here, especially because it is thanks to a huge collection of coarse projects studio bosses can afford to occasionally highlight a couple of million to establish the potential arthouse masterpiece. And do not be embarrassed to hide his eyes when it comes to zombies - in fact taken a penny of George A. Romero film "Night of the Living Dead" (1968) and was just one of those independent projects, the success of which instilled confidence into the souls of hundreds of young directors . Of course, a masterpiece of film Romero and Marc Forster incomparable, but as a tribute to the classics and to demonstrate continuity kinopokoleny (and what a festival without them?) "War of the Worlds Z» fit perfectly. Yes, there is no philosophical depth, no social significance, no problems arthouse. Yes, the film Forster - "just a typical Hollywood" with all necessary attributes like overextended sentimental scenes of expensive special effects and large-scale bloody slaughters (an amount of zombies on screen, we seem to have not seen). But at the same time "War Z» - also a reflection of the objective skill, which reached the US film industry. Everything - from the dialogue, scripted, and ending with an incredibly realistic make-up - you can whole-heartedly put a solid top five. Although Brad Pitt and looks here so what are his covers of glossy magazines (age still has its), we can safely say that the role of "War of the Worlds Z» in his record - one of the best ... And if so, no matter how difficult it was to get to the opening of the film, believe me, it's worth it, especially as to represent him in Moscow will be the leading man. Review editors Boris Grishin 21 June 2013 6 Dead dead Brad Pitt tries to save the planet from the bloodthirsty living dead in a very stupid and very big-budget project by Marc Forster. Harry Lane (Pitt), a former employee of the United Nations, and in general a difficult man, is at the epicenter of the epidemic terrible zombie virus. He manages to evacuate the family on an aircraft carrier, where the US government has taken refuge. But leadership requires Harry to start a war with zombies - he is the only one who is able to solve the problem, as happened in Chechnya and has extensive experience in the struggle against evil. Planet rapidly descends into chaos, but Harry, in collaboration with the world's intelligence agencies looking for a way to save humankind. In Korea, the former tsereushnika he learns that the roots of the problem may be in Israel. Harry and the special squad was trying to get to the plane, which is besieged on the zombies airport. At the crucial moment, Harry calls on the mobile phone's wife, detachment notice dead and punish him. But all the same, Harry gets to Jerusalem. Around the city a giant wall that storm cadavers. Escape from the zombie with the lady of the Israeli special forces, Harry comes to the conclusion that the dead avoid people affected by deadly diseases. And departing aircraft from Israel, carrying the written Belarus Airways. According to the authors of the picture, in the case of global catastrophe only Belarusian pilots continue as if nothing had happened regular flights. Warning! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Then Harry still infect themselves some disease, and zombie cease to notice it. In one scene, he pulls out a defiant roar from the vending machine bank Pepsi, relish a sip, and other banks at the same time fall out of the machine with a wild roar. Zombies before responsive to every sound, do not pay the slightest attention to the fact. You can describe what is happening for a long time. But no words give a sense of naive madness going on in the film. Marc Forster picture is far from George Romero's films or even epic "Resident Evil". A ragged assembly and shake the camera joy to view, alas, do not add. Nothing new, as the creators of the film, a genre they brought. Despite the fact that the basis of the same name book went to Max Brooks - the only son of the famous director, producer and actor Mel Brooks, another variation on the theme of "The Walking Dead" no longer seem relevant. Especially when there is a powerful and totally misunderstood gigantic motion picture "Survival of the Dead" by George Romero, which clearly shows - the evolution of our world misanthropy exceeded allowable face and zombies are already required to protect people from. Unlike the latter, they are weak and defenseless.

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