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Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up

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Film Genre: Drama Comedy
Budget: $ 12 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Jason Reitman
Operator: Eric Steelberg
Somposer: Rolfe Kent
IMDB: 6.3

Young infantile Mavis (Theron) works Ghostwriter, specializing in novels for teenagers. She prefers teen style of dress, and looks like an early matured girl, what infuriates his contemporaries at the meetings of the aged classmates. Mavis does things, guided by emotions and sudden desire. For example, she suddenly went to another city to visit a former boyfriend, despite the fact that he had already started a family. Written by Diablo Cody - winner of the "Oscar". With help of this site you can download Young Adult Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Especially for fans of Bridget Jones, quietly clicked from "slightly over 30" in "closer to 40", Charlize Theron did not descend to the hairdresser, smeared mascara and went into town to do silly childhood. In fact, the name "Young Adult" has little in common with the English original - Young Adult, and the essence of what is happening. The heroine Theron Mavis - not rich, but it is a vegetated writer, author of books for teenagers, whose name does not even appear on the cover. She wears a T-shirt stretched Hello Kitty, rarely washes, even more rarely cleans the apartment and in general - defiantly drags existence. So far from this track it is not unattractive email knocks school boyfriend, offering to celebrate the birth of first child. Mavis, however, does not focus on the information of the newborn, and memories of youth and takes an ingenious solution - pack Spitz in a pink handbag and jerk to his native town to re-conquer the heart of a first love. So that the viewer does not infer from the absurdity of the situation that the heroine suffers a simple cinematic comic absurdities, Charlize Theron at times uncomfortable picking up and falls into depression. In general, a mental disorder on the basis of the failed career and personal life - on the face. Given that this complication could threaten lyrical comedy in the spirit of "My Best Friend's Wedding," and this development - not the worst option. And Theron as hopeless razluchnitsy with psychopathic tendencies looks good. But really it is not devoid of humor, but in general, of course, sad movies appreciate most likely only a narrow audience of a certain age and sex categories. Women, despite the proximity of menopause, and not winning a teenager - they are not nearly all. Methods to overcome these problems of "Young Adult" - almost anyone. Under nostalgic Teenage Fanclub and 4 Non Blondes Mavis repaint nails, gets drunk in the trash and scandals in the infant birthday party. If you like movies about freaks and not bother uzkoprofilnye drama, then - you can watch.

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