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Film Genre: Fantasy
Country of Origin: USA, Canada
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Peter DeLuise
Screenwriter: Billy, Eddie, Eddie, Matt, Kara Holden
Operator: James Alfred Menard
Actors: Zenden Coleman, Chanel Pelosi Boldmen Spencer, Emily McCarthy, Adam DiMarco, William Enskau Alex Paunovic, Lucia Walters Dzhedidayya Goodacre
IMDB: 6.0


Sixteen year old Zoe Stevens moved to his mother and her new husband, finding once and a new family and a new school and four brothers restless. Zoe fond of dancing, so first of all trying to find yourself dancing group. With the new school friend Rachel Zoe joins the local school team. But all is not rosy in the life of a girl. It has yet to get used to new things and events that filled her life. A major role in the youth film «Zapped. Magic app "played an American singer and teen idol of Zenda. Here you can download Zapped 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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