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To fight the enemy, she must become one of them

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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Military
Budget: $ 21 million
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Year of Release: 2006
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Screenwriter: Gerard Suteman, Paul Verhoeven
Operator: Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Somposer: Anne Dudley
Actors: Karis Van Houten, Sebastian Koch, Tom Hoffman, Halina Rhine, Waldemar Kobus, Derek de Lint, Christian Berkel, Dolf de Vries, Peter Block, Michiel Haushman
IMDB: 7.8

The Second World War. German Jewish origin Rachel Stein (van Houten Carys) flees from the Nazi genocide and finds himself in the ranks of the members of the Dutch Resistance movement. Young and pretty girl, a former singer, she is forced to hide their origin, because its main purpose - to avenge the traitor, because of which killed her entire family. And it will go on for the sake of all, even if you need to sleep with a Gestapo officer. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Zwartboek Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Rachel Stein (Carice van Houten) lives as though and there is no war. And yet, the Netherlands is going through 1944. And if not a nationality, it is possible that the girl would be so easy and handed to win. She hides in the farmhouse, waving bare feet in front of the German convoys and makes eyes neighbor-yachtsman. But due to the tightening measures by the Nazis against the Jews, the girl with the family decided to flee. Runaways come under fire, all native Rachel die. And then life ladies gaining such momentum that it is difficult to imagine how it is to deal with that. Given the fact that the outcome is known - at the very beginning of the film we are shown a peaceful post-war life in a kibbutz girl that bears her name. During the last days of the war the main character manages to make friends with the underground, change the name in the passport at the time befitting Ellis, not just repaint the hair on the head, but also intimate vegetation, to get to the office of the Gestapo and fall in love with the Chief of Muntz (Sebastian Koch). Her path strewn with the most incredible collisions. In this regard, with respect to director Paul Verhoeven, who has removed his latest film still literally in the last century, it becomes clear that the talent is not subject to time. Master builds the story in such a way that it seems that the war solve various little things. Artful details fascinates the viewer so that the screen is difficult to put down. Do not forget that it Verhoeven, and he, as always, takes on the edge of the forbidden, on the verge of porn, with almost complete immersion in the mud of what is happening, and with the incredible beauty of this abomination. No definition of "bad" and "good". Directed freely juggles concepts, bringing them to an abstraction, sometimes not available in any moral, nor in the mental sense. Is murder, and murder is bad-good. A single positive hero, except Rachel Ellis, is an SS officer. In any case - the film is perfect as the main character is beautiful. A kind of sinner, not even atone for their sins, and rise above them. Old-new-permanent ideal for riding.

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